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What Phoenix Nights is about?

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Phoenix Nights was a part of Peter Kay That Thing it was chosen from lots of different ideas. Brian Potter is the

owner of The Phoenix Club. Brian has the idea of a famous successful club but there is always something in his way

stopping him from being successful.  

Channel 4 comedy series written by and starring Peter Kay about a northern England working men’s club. The series developed

from In The Club (which aired on 12 January 2000), the first of six programmes in an earlier Channel 4 series called That Peter Kay Thing.


Debuted ay 9/30pm on Sunday 14 January 2001.

Made by Goodnight Vienna Productions. Written by Peter Kay, Dave Spikey and Neil Fitzmaurice

In The Club

Spoof fly-on-the-wall documentary about the Neptune Club, owned by Brian Potter, as it stages the grand final of Talent Trek 99,

sponsored by Chorley FM, with singing duo Park Avenue (Marc Parc and Cheryl Avenue) rated as favourites.

That Peter Kay Thing also featured Eyes Down (about the Apollo bingo hall), The Ice Cream Man Cometh (a Bolton battle between ice

 cream men), The Arena (behind the scenes at the Manchester Evening News Arena), Leonard (Britain’s oldest paperboy) and Lonely At

 The Top (a sequel to In The Club, following the progress of Talent Trek winners Park Avenue).